Optimism - how we're drawn to the bright side, even in a pandemic

Episode 17: Optimism - how we're drawn to the bright side, even in a pandemic

Rafael Behr talks to Professor Tali Sharot about optimism bias

Show notes

Rafael Behr talks to neuroscientist and author Tali Sharot about the optimism hard-wired into our thought processes, how it affects the way we look at the world – and what it means for politics.

The conversation also covers the relationship between emotion and reason, how we should respect some of the more primitive parts of our brains, what messages work best to encourage people to act on climate change, and what connects sourdough and the hunt for a coronavirus vaccine.

Tali Sharot is a professor at the Department of Experimental Psychology, University College London, where she is Director of the Affective Brain Lab, and Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellow.


the author of The Optimism Bias:


and The Influential Mind:


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